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First Stop To Extraordinary: Space Camp

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Welcome to the prettiest podcast on the planet with your host & fearless leader, Courtney Love Gavin. Courtney Love illuminates why she finally got her own "lower back tattoo", how Pretty Pretty Podcast is SO necessary right now and shares the never-before-told story of how she went from aspiring astronaut to courageous coach + PR extraordinaire. For show notes and additional information head over to

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Courtney Love Gavin is full of hot takes and mic drops in this inaugural episode of Pretty Pretty Podcast. Join host Courtney Love  as she walks you through the vision of Pretty Pretty Podcast, why she finally got her own "lower back tattoo" and hear the never-before-told story of how Courtney Love went from aspiring astronaut to courageous coach + PR extraordinaire.



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Courtney Love Gavin  0:10  

Welcome to pretty pretty podcast. I'm Courtney Love, Gavin.

Courtney Love Gavin  0:19  

Yes, that's my real name.

Courtney Love Gavin  0:21  

And we'll get into that later. But first let's talk about the name of the pod. So, I believe that podcasts are the lower back tattoo of the digital media industry, meaning that everybody's got one, or they want one or they want to be on one. I myself have launched hundreds of podcasts throughout my career, which is why I'm shocked that I'm starting one on my own little bit about me. I have a lot about me, right? Because this is an episode devoted to me, which oh my goodness makes me so utterly uncomfortable. But hey, we're riding with it today. Pretty, pretty podcast one, I'm shocked that no one else had taken the name because it is genius. And to my background isn't a lot of things, but on paper, it is in public relations p er. And if you look at the word pretty guess what it starts with a P and an R. So every year, the multiple of roles that I've had climbing the corporate ladder and working for Fortune 50 companies, I would always have a folder called pretty things and I would capitalize the P and the R, and then the rest. So what is that a double entendre, it would almost look like petty things, but it'd be pretty things. And so when I was thinking about a podcast, I thought, okay, I definitely know that if I'm bringing myself to it, PR is going to be brought to it as well. And I know there's a bunch of definitions that are going around about PR and in fact, there's an episode devoted

Courtney Love Gavin  1:58  

all to it, but quickly Tip

Courtney Love Gavin  2:00  

PR is a strategic approach to influencing attitudes, behaviors and perceptions. And so that is what I want

Courtney Love Gavin  2:12  

pretty pretty podcast to do for all of you

Courtney Love Gavin  2:14  

in terms of your perceptions about me, Courtney Love Gavin your perceptions around PR, your perceptions around success, your perception, pretty pretty podcast and I are here to break through the facades and the noise and the superficiality over business and marketing and success and really cut to the core of what matters. And that is being your exquisite self. We're here to talk about what's not being said and what's actually interesting or what I think is interesting, and I'm a pretty interesting person. I am a master PR coach, a devoted dog mom.

Courtney Love Gavin  2:53  

A scoliosis survivor

Courtney Love Gavin  2:56  

a concert oboist. "Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pretty girls." so I can't sing and I know that but I love music. It's the universal language. And so another facet of the name of this podcast came from the Rolling Stones song beasts of burden. I never want this podcast to be your beast of burden. So please, if there's something that you think could be improved, tell me about it. Right? I have a firm rule, you either Shut up or put up in my house. Chandler does both. But what I mean is that if there's something that bothers you, either change it or accept it, I've done that for my entire career and it has served me exceptionally well. And sometimes I'll even I'll even say, Okay, I'm not going to do anything to change this. So I you accept it. And then weeks, months, days, years later, my blood will be boiling about it and I'll just be like, okay, times up.

Courtney Love Gavin  3:54  

You need to change it.

Courtney Love Gavin  3:56  

And that is what I'm doing by putting this podcast out. into the universe and out into the world. My goal is to change at least one person's life and have one person listen to this podcast just like secrets of wealthy women changed my life. And to hear either my story to learn something about public relations, to hear one of the fantastic guests that I have on this podcast and to have that be your light to borrow belief from this podcast, so that you can go after whatever it is that you want in life with tenacity and purpose and to stop minimizing to not use any of those cookie cutter type things because guess what, Bolden brave doesn't fit in a goddamn box. And I thoroughly believe that #untamed Glennon if you're listening to this, oh my god, I don't even know what to say. I'm such a huge Glennon Doyle fan. I'm a fan of a lot of As you'll see, I am just such an enthusiast for other people and originals. And I mean that I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am a potent person meaning that but it goes both ways. Like there's an equilibrium. Right so just just excited. Not even excited. I have ba I have big enigmatic energy. Yeah, fuck BD. Okay, you don't need to have a dick in order to have big energy. In fact, our energy is actually a lot bigger than that. Oh, sorry. Should I mention I? I like to use curse words sometimes

Courtney Love Gavin  5:33  

not to show

Courtney Love Gavin  5:34  

you how quote unquote edgy I am. But

Courtney Love Gavin  5:37  

I'm being me. Yeah, I love the abrevs I love the acronyms. I love a lot of things. I mean, my name is Courtney Love for God's sake.

Courtney Love Gavin  5:45  

Yes, that's my real name.

Courtney Love Gavin  5:47  

It's a family name. No, I'm not named after her. She's named after me. She wasn't

Courtney Love Gavin  5:51  

famous yet.

Courtney Love Gavin  5:52  

When I was born, I think she was still hooking at the time according to Wikipedia.

Courtney Love Gavin  5:57  

Maybe it was even before that, but

Courtney Love Gavin  5:58  

yes, my real name is Courtney Love Gavin is my first name. And as on my birth certificate. My maternal grandmother's name was love. And I'm a child of the early 80s.

Courtney Love Gavin  6:11  

Anyway, I grew up in a small town. And

Courtney Love Gavin  6:13  

I always knew that, like, there was this big wide world out there that I wanted to be a part of. And I just couldn't wait until I could leave, and go out and see and be an urbanite. And yeah, just see everything that I had read about in books and seen in movies. In fact, I will leave you with this because I think my

Courtney Love Gavin  6:37  

dad always says that this is a story

Courtney Love Gavin  6:40  

that he thinks really encapsulates who I am. And for years, I fought him on it and I was like, never say the stupid Space Camp story again. When I was eight years old. I was listening to the radio on the weekend, and there was a contest an essay writing contest, and they said that if you want This contest, you got to go you would win a trip to Space Camp which was in Huntsville, Alabama. Now at the ripe old age of eight, I had never traveled outside of the state of California. And I thought that that was the worst like that I was the most uncultured person ever and that I just I was determined to eight years old, I needed to change this now. I had traveled throughout California, it wasn't as though I hadn't seen anything, you know, beyond the city limits that I lived in. But at that time that that gal with gumption was just like you like how are you ever going to be the woman that you want to be if you're almost two hands old, and you've never left the state of California? And so I remember that I didn't catch all the details. So I just sat by this really old radio is caffeine right radio because my dad before I was born, and for the first Few years of my life ran a river rafting company. Rainbow. I think it was called rainbow rafting tours. No, he's not gay. He's just a big hippie. Hello, my name is Courtney Love.

Courtney Love Gavin  8:16  

I'm not going to tell him that this podcast is out because

Courtney Love Gavin  8:18  

I don't think I can have a listen to it. It will make me too uncomfortable or I'll get a bunch of notes from him which he loves to email me whenever he hears me on an interview. Okay, I digress. So I listened to you know this over and over. So I could write down the whys is that it said you need to write an essay about why you wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up. Okay. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think at the time I thought that I wanted to be the editor of Rolling Stone, a veterinarian, or criminal justice attorney or all three at the same time because I was determined and I thought that I could do it but I thought okay, if I need to be an astronaut, I will write an essay about being

Courtney Love Gavin  8:57  

an astronaut.

Courtney Love Gavin  8:58  

Like, I'm going to write the Best essay they've ever read about wanting to be an astronaut. So I wrote this essay. And then I had to ask my parents for a stamp because I had to mail it in. And they were very confused about why I needed a stamp. And I just told them, don't worry about it. After some negotiation, they gave me a stamp. And I also hope to seal the deal. I are in my mind seal the deal. I was like, I know what I'm gonna do. I drew a drawing of an astronaut, you know, with the whole garb on and an American flag on the back. And then I put on the back of the illustration that like that was me going to the moon someday, because that's how much I wanted to be an astronaut. Much to everyone's surprise, I won. I won the essay writing contest, and they had this award day the woman came up to me after and she said, Courtney Love. I am so excited to share this news with you They are opening a new space station, right nearby you and Mountain View called Moffett Field. And you are going to be in the first class of kids ever to go through space camp for a week. You're going to be there with all of the astronauts, kids, this is an opportunity that isn't open to the public like this is way better than going to Huntsville, Alabama. And I was, you know, this is someone whose parents put them in etiquette class at a young age. So I was very, very thankful and gracious, but in my head, I was just like, oh my god, I don't even want to be an astronaut. I just want I did this because I wanted to go to Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, which in my mind,

Courtney Love Gavin  10:44  

I just saw how far away it

Unknown Speaker  10:46  

was from California and like Huntsville, Alabama was the place to be. And then I was told that I was going to go to space camp, you know, just 45 minutes down the 101 from where I grew up not to sound ungrateful, but I'm just bringing you into my eight-year-old mind. So that year for spring break, I got to go to Phoenix,

Courtney Love Gavin  11:08  


Courtney Love Gavin 11:10  

all by myself, Courtney Love Gavin finally made it outside of the state and was a fully cultured human being, which is so funny when you look back at what you see is important or cultured. So there's my little space camp story. The gal who feels and knows and believes if there's a will, there's a way thank you so much for listening to my pod. And who knows, I might wipe this whole thing. Who knows how long this will be up, but thank you for listening with me and being on this journey with me. Much love. Hey, are you picking up what I'm dropping down? If you love this pretty pretty podcast, share it with a friend. Put it in your Instagram stories and tag me @courtneylovegavin. And if you want to go big, make your mark by leaving a review. Your voice helps more people find out about this gem so they can shine bright to

Courtney Love Gavin  12:12  

talk to you next week.